Who and What is JD's Place & JC Diversifications? 

JD's Place is more than just a place to stay. JD's Place was designed for contractors that are away from home for long periods of time to give you that at home feeling. 

JD's Place is part of JC Diversifications a web marketing business aimed at promoting small business in South East Saskatchewan. JC Diversifications offers small businesses in South East Saskatchewan the opportunity to have a web page of their own promoting their business, products and service. An opportunity to tell the constomer who they are and what benefits await them if they shop at their store. 

How do we accomplish this? We have completed a market study on internet promotion and feel that we have developed a marketing strategy to fit your needs. Three easy steps:

a) Develop a web page for your business that is both pleasing and informative. 

b) Direct traffic to your web page and your store / business through promotion.

c) Advertise - Advertise - Advertise.

Our goal is to help you to expand your customer base to reach all four corners of the province.

The future is on-line shopping and for a business to meet the needs of the future the time is now to expand your horizons, develop your site and get your product line out to the consumer. We want to help you meet and exceed your goals. Help you to make sure that your store is established for the long term and not a good idea with a short future. The best part - we will do this for you at a very low cost. 

Visit our Contractor Example page for an idea of what your site could look like.

If we tweaked your interest you can contact us via the instructions listed below. Upon receiving your request our representative will contact you with details and pricing. 


JD's Place

75 Clarewood Cresent

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

S3N 2X8




We look forward to hearing from you.    

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 Check Out Our New Site:  Are you building a new house or business or renovating what you already own? Having a lot of difficulty trying to find contractors online, very confusing? We have the solution. We have developed a web site called South East Sask Contractors that will guide you to a contractor in the Parkland Area in as little as three clicks. It's so easy you won't believe your eyes.

We offer carpenters, cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers, home and garden, stone and brick, drywall and much more. We will also guide you to suppliers.

The future is online shopping - no matter what your needs. 

JC Diversifications  Helping Saskatchewan people find the right contractor.